Volunteer With Us!

Volunteerism is at the heart and soul of the Diverse Daisies organization. Volunteers play an important role in our mission to positively impact the community and achieve our organizational objectives. If you are motivated and have a sincere interest in rendering service to Diverse Daisies, join the team!”


Volunteer Positions Open:

  • Working Committee
  • Supervisor for the Working Committee
  • Marketing
  • Photographer

How to Become a Volunteer:

  1. Fill out the application below
  2. Download the Background Check Agreement, fill it out, sign it, and send it to us
Diverse Daisies Volunteers

Volunteer Application:


    Emergency Contact Info


    Please give us the names of two persons, not related to you, whom you have known for at least one year.

    Reference #1

    Reference #2

    (Please advise your two references above that they can expect to be contacted regarding this application)


    In consideration of being accepted as a volunteer for Diverse Daisies and with knowledge that I will be working, directly and indirectly, in a volunteer capacity for Diverse Daisies Involving various duties, I recognize fully that my presence and activity as a volunteer may involve some element of risk.

    I, the undersigned, do hereby waive and release any and all rights or claims of any kind or nature of myself, and those of my heirs or assigns, which may exist or accrue in the future against Diverse Daisies, its various departments, personnel, employees, officials staff, or agents because of, as a result of, or in connection with the duties, responsibilities, and work which I will undertake as a volunteer for Diverse Daisies.

    I understand that as a volunteer I am in no sense an employee of Diverse Daisies, and that I possess no rights under Diverse Daisies. Further, I understand that I am not entitled to benefits or worker’s compensation benefits from Diverse Daisies, which may accrue to it employees. I further understand that I am not entitled to any vested rights to which an employee of Diverse Daisies may be entitled.

    I acknowledge and understand that I am only to perform such functions as specifically directed by Diverse Daisies.

    I hereby authorize Diverse Daisies to contact the references listed on my volunteer application in order to determine my eligibility for volunteer services and authorize Diverse Daisies to make such other inquires as may be necessary to determine my eligibility for such services.