Diverse Daisies is an organization designed to enrich the lives of young women ages 12-17 by offering them the opportunity to participate in activities they would otherwise not have access to.

We welcome all girls regardless of race, ethnicity and economic status to be part of our program. The girls who enroll in our year long program will be given the chance to learn new skills, engage in new opportunities, and meet other young women with different life experiences. Diverse Daisies is designed to motivate, empower and inspire the lives of young women!


Diverse Daisies offers monthly programs in the form of workshops, outings, and enrichment activities for young women. Among others, topics will include positive self image; health; inner and outer beauty; arts and entertainment; and community activism. We also aim to instill a sense of values and a positive work ethic so that our young women will come away learning that they can be successful when provided with the right tools.

We believe that through the positive reinforcement of our sessions participants will learn that anything can be achieved through hard work, dedication and a positive attitude.

The program is cost free for all participants. Participants are only responsible for transportation to and from the event location. We will make every effort to hold our events in locations that can be reached via public transportation. As our program develops, scholarships may become available to support public transportation costs for those in need.

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