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Kim has always been driven to show others that life is an opportunity not to be missed and to be an inspiration by her actions. She grew up in foster care before moving out on her own.

While working two jobs Kim started attending business school striving for more than what is familiar coming from her background.

Contributing to the community, Kim has been involved with the following programs:

  • Big Sister - Mentoring a young lady from the age of eight until she turned sixteen.
  • Beyond Ballroom - Board of Directors
  • Hennepin County - For several years she assisted an elderly man with his finances.
  • Crises Nursery / Cook for Kids - As team leader for eight years she organized volunteers and meals monthly.
  • Various non-profit events - Collected and organized silent auction items.

Without a support system or mentoring program available life is not easy as a young woman. This is one of the reasons Kim is so passionate about starting the Diverse Daisies Foundation. She knew that many young women would flourish in a program that believes in their inner strength thereby inspiring them to make better choices in life, SET GOALS AND DREAM BIG!

Thank You, Partners!

Our Partners help make our program even better for the girls!


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